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Rich, buttery
Akaushi Ribeyes

Tender Akaushi filets with a flavor explosion.

Wagyu: The ultimate

Wagyu Beef From a
Texas Ghost Town

Back in the mid 1800s, pioneer settler Malachi Click left Tennessee and headed west to build his dreams in Texas. He and his family settled southeast of Llano, named the town, and were granted a post office in 1880.  At it's peak, Click, Texas had a church, a school, a store, and a post office, many of whose structures still exist on the ranch today. But, by the 1960s the town had began to fade away and that rich ranchland Malachi Click built his dreams around appeared to have no future.

In 2015, the Massey family had the opportunity to purchase the townsite, and convert the fledgling town to C5 Ranch, home of the best Wagyu and Akaushi cattle.

Today, that once-dying ghost town is a bustling, thriving, working cattle ranch that's home to the world's finest cattle - the C5 Ranch Akaushi (red Wagyu). The C5 Akaushi have been hand selected for generations to produce the beef with the highest marbling, best tenderness, while still maintaining health benefits. We are shipping Akaushi Ribeyes, Wagyu Ribeyes, and great steaks every day. Experience the Click Akaushi Difference.


Wagyu Beef From Texas

To Your Doorstep

We ship our Wagyu Akaushi beef Monday through Wednesday from Texas to your doorstep. Shipping charges start at just $25 and arrive within one to three days of shipping. You are just days away from the best Akaushi ribeyes, filets, ground beef!  Enjoy these customer favorites.

The Click 6 Pack.
A customer favorite.

Akaushi Brisket

Akaushi Ground Beef.
Taking Gourmet to new heights.

C5 Ranch is

Elevating the Akaushi Breed

Akaushi beef is a Japanese breed of cattle known as "Red Wagyu." In the last decade, Akaushi and Wagyu beef has climbed to the top of the U.S. luxury beef market because of it's rich marbling, buttery flavor, and tenderness.  And while the flavor is beyond your wildest dreams, the Wagyu beef also has many heart-healthy benefits including a higher concentration of monosaturated fat (the healthy fats) relative to saturated fat.

Here at C5, we believe in doing things with greatness. And so that's why we've taken the great foundation of the Akaushi breed, and matched that with management practices that go "one step further" to provide a beef experience that's second to none.

First, all of our cattle are source verified. This guarantees the breed quality and purity.  As a true "farm to table" brand, Click Akaushi Beef™ is involved in every step of the production process, from conception to consumption, from the ranch to your table. We keep records on all of our cattle.

Our cattle are pasture raised, with wide open spaces and plenty of sunshine up to approximately 700 pounds. Happy cattle produce better beef. Once the cattle reach 700 pounds, we start feeding a customized ration of high energy grain to ensure they're  getting all the nutrients needed to make the most beautiful marbling and the best tasting beef.

The health of our animals and customers is our top priority, as we believe we have a moral obligation to provide our animals the best possible care. We never feed our cattle growth hormones, and would never administer antibiotics as a preventative measure in their feeding program.

Meet The Massey's

C5 ranch, family owned and operated by Steve and DeeDee Massey, is tucked away in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Llano County. Click Akaushi Beef and C5 Ranch is a complete family operation. Working together, Steve and DeeDee (along with their children and grandchildren), set a goal to take the Akaushi breed to the highest heights possible - and they're succeeding.
Through enhancing the C5 Ranch™ Akaushi genetics and feed initiatives, the Massey's are producing a premium Akaushi beef product that is capturing the attention of the USA beef consumer. As health conscious consumers and beef connoisseurs themselves, the Massey's are strongly committed to the health and well-being of their cattle, in order to produce the absolute best, healthiest, and most wholesome beef to put on your table!

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