Things Happen


There are two types of people in the world: those who say, "What Just Happened?" and those who say

"Let's Make Something Happen."

For Steve and DeeDee Massey and their family, there's only one option: making things happen.

Texas History

Is Rich Here in Click

So is Our Akaushi Pride.

Tucked away in the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Llano County, the C5 Ranch™ is owned and operated by the Massey Family. Located on the former townsite of Click, Texas, C5 Ranch has been built on hard work, a vision for the future, and a spirit of innovation. And those three ingredients were the key in turning that fledgling ghost-town of Click, Texas into the thriving nationwide hub for the best in Akaushi beef. 

The Massey's had been involved in commercial cattle ranching for the past decade. However, once they experienced Akaushi beef - they quickly pivoted the old commercial operation into an innovative, luxury Akaushi farm to table operation - because only the best will do. 

As a family owned and operated ranch, we care deeply about what our friends and customers consume. The ranch is dedicated and committed to providing our customers with the safest, most wholesome, and best tasting beef possible. All cattle raised on the C5 Ranch are pasture raised, grain finished, and never given growth hormones or fed antibiotics in their feeding program.


Taking a Very High Standard

And Raising It Even Higher.

Akaushi (or Red Wagyu) cattle are known for their marbling, tenderness and flavor. Quite simply, Akaushi beef is the best beef money can buy. 

But, as in all businesses, not all Akaushi are created equal. The Massey family understands that greatness takes time, takes dedication, and takes grit. And that's what they've infused into C5 Ranch and Click Akaushi Beef to create the best Akaushi beef and make it available to you, nationwide. 

  • All Click Akaushi Beef is source verified. 

  • C5 genetics are carefully selected and mated to improve with each generation, improving marbling and efficiency. 

  • The C5 feeding program is scientifically crafted to optimize nutrients and animal performance to produce excellent marbling, more of the "good fats", incredible flavor and exceptional tenderness. 

  • The proof is in the product! Longer on feed producers healthier fat and more marbling - all meaning a better experience for our customers.


What is C5?

C5 is the family brand, in which the C represents "Click, Texas" and the 5 represents the five original members of the Massey Family.

Life is Better

With Click Akaushi Beef.

When it comes to serving the best in beef to your friends and family, there's one brand that you can trust for Texas' best: Click Akaushi Beef. With nationwide shipping available, bringing Texas finest Akaushi beef from our ranch to your table.

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