Eating Beef Is Actually Healthy for Your Heart: You’re Welcome!

For what seems like our whole lives, we’ve been told that eating red meat is a huge no-no and limiting intake is the preferred choice for our health. But, we now know something totally different. Recent scientific studies proven that certain red meats actually contain important Omega 3s – the same type found in salmon and avocados – and can actually help us to lower our cholesterol, prevent heart disease and even lose weight.

What are those specific meats you ask?  Well, they tend to be high quality grass fed beef that have naturally occurring, high levels of intramuscular fat, also called “marbling.” One of the most nutritious is a specific wagyu beef historically raised only in Japan, but now available from cattle ranches around the world. And specifically, Akaushi beef, which is prized for its taste and higher concentrations of monounsaturated fat relative to saturated fat – which the American Heart Association (AHA) has reported as being the absolute best type for containing the beneficial fats.

According to a recent scientific report by Dr. Stephen Smith from Texas A&M, titled “Marbling and Its Nutritional Impact on Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease,” one particular variable in beef, called oleic acid, is a key naturally occurring property that decreases the melting points of the fats (lipids) from beef, increasing the juiciness and improving the beef flavor. But, the great news from this report is that the clinical trials also proved that that the fat contained in this type of beef has absolutely no negative effects on the concentration of HDL cholesterol in humans and will not increase risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

The report states, “The relationship between percent fat and overall palatability underscores the importance of intramuscular lipid in beef quality” and “Human trials also have indicated that even beef high in total fat does not increase LDL cholesterol or obesity.”

Our two takeaways… beef with high levels of marbling is tender and delicious, and this type of red meat is absolutely healthy to eat.

Worth noting that Akaushi beef is widely available in the U.S. market and even this type of restaurant quality meat does not have to cost any more than what’s available in most grocery stores. Often confused with the word “Kobe” (which is simply a region in Japan where the cattle were originally raised) Akaushi wagyu is some of the highest quality beef you can buy, fondly recognized as the “Emperors Breed.” Another little-known benefit is that the taste and experience of Akaushi is so that is more filling than regular beef, so you will serve less of it when compared to what you normally serve.

The manner in which the cattle are raised also greatly impacts the quality and sustainability of the beef that ends up on your plate. Cattle that are raised in large, open pastures where they can freely roam, and have access to clean water and high quality grasses, produce a much higher quality of beef with more health benefits. The C5 ranch in Llano, Texas is one of the world’s leaders in providing this type of environment for its cattle.

If you want to experience all health benefits of eating scientifically-proven high quality, naturally-raised beef, do yourself a huge favor and try some Akaushi beef. We invite you to shop our wide selection of premium restaurant cuts that will be delivered directly to your door from the C5’s Click Akaushi Beef website…

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