Ghost Town

Akaushi Beef

From A Texas Ghost Town

Tucked away in beautiful Llano County, lies the ghost-town of Click, Texas the inspiration for Click Akaushi Beef. 

That ol' ghost town was a thriving little Texas town in the late 1800s, when Malachi Click settled there from Tennessee. Click and his family built the town - which included a school, a post office, stores, and homesteads. But, sadly over time, the town began to fade, until the late 1960s when it all but disappeared. The buildings began to crumble, the town-folk left for the bright lights of Austin, and Click, Texas seemed to be slowly fading into the Texas sunset. 

Until 2015. 


Something about that ol' ghost town captured the eyes, and the hearts of Steve and DeeDee Massey and their family. Steve's commercial cattle experience and his 40 years of business experience told him the land was perfect for raising cattle. Steve and DeeDee's love for Texas history captivated the family with a calling for reviving the old deserted town. The Massey's children and grandchildren  - all who love ranching but also love business - agreed that this was the perfect site for the C5 Ranch. And, they agreed that Akaushi cattle were the perfect breed to revive this ol' ghost town and turn it into something magical - with a bit of mystery. 

Today, that once-dying ghost town in a thriving hub for producing the world's finest beef. That's right - when you buy Click Akaushi Beef you're getting "beef from a Texas ghost town." 


The old Post office foundation still stands, but the beautiful Red Wagyu cattle now happily graze where townsfolk like Andrew Hatch would send off letters to their relatives back in Connecticut about the joys of Texas life. 
Is there a bit of mystery in Click Akaushi Beef?
Mystery - probably not. Akaushi beef is known as the world's finest beef. Whether you're talking marbling, tenderness, or even a heart-healthy beef - Akaushi tops the list. 

Is there a bit of magic in Click Akaushi Beef?
We think so. And we invite you to experience our Akaushi beef and experience that ol' Texas ghost town magic too. We guarantee you'll love every bite. 

Experience the Magic

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