When Your Man Wants to Grill: Let him!

So many wives and girlfriends we know roll their eyes this time of year as their men prepare for grilling season by cleaning up their smokers and outdoor BBQ equipment, refilling propane tanks, stacking wood, and scouring the web for new recipes and grilling methods. While the latest, restaurant-quality equipment can represent significant capital investment, and the time your man squirrels away in his home office during family time might ruffle some feathers, it can yield some valuable benefits.

As your man researches ways to cook premium meats in just the absolute perfect way, and invests in meats and cuts you might not otherwise consider, such as organic pork shoulders, short ribs or tender wagyu beef, know that these men are feeding a primal need to provide food for the family.

A great article from Wired magazine from way back in 2001 stated it this way…

“Experts say barbecues bring out men’s primal instincts and that men are unable to resist the lure of lighting open fires to feed their families. A barbecue is said to be a throwback to the Stone Age when a man needed to show his woman he could light a fire and supply her with meat.”  https://www.wired.com/2001/08/men-with-grills/

OK, so here’s the rub (forgive the pun), some women are less than enamored with the ritual of the cooking, from the all-day “smokers”… to the need to invite other men to participate… and perhaps the quantity of beer that might be consumed during said ritual, add up to making wives and girlfriends less than enthusiastic about the grilling hobby.

But hello, are we missing the fact that the men are cooking?  As in, your men are enthusiastically providing food for the table and they are taking great delight in cooking meals for you and your family.

Here are three reasons why this is a good thing for you…

  • Smoked meats are healthier than you think, if prepared correctly. Despite being told that meats cooked over fire can be unhealthy, we now have evidence that this isn’t true – particularly slow-cooking high-quality, lean meats. In fact, some of the latest research points to the fact that the fats in some meats actually provide important Omega 3 fatty acids which actually benefit your cholesterol levels. Other risks that have traditionally been discussed are now proven false or debunked. In a 2021 article in EatingWell magazine, titled “Is Grilled Meat Bad for You” references leading government agencies and their studies regarding what was formerly considered risks and reasons why we should “pick up those tongs.
  • If you don’t like the specific meat he is cooking, ask him to cook something that you prefer. Nothing is more satisfying to a man than to know he’s doing something that he loves while pleasing you at the same time. He’d rather cook something that makes you happy than trying to force you to accept his preference. Ask him to make chicken, turkey or salmon (if you don’t like beef or pork) or ask him to grill vegetables for you. He’ll be thrilled that you asked, trust us.
  • Third, he’s doing the work. Any meals that come out of this effort, including leftovers, are meals that won’t have to be made by anyone else. If he regularly cooks, then obviously this one falls flat. But don’t lose sight of the fact that if he is cooking, then you can do something else, including just taking time to relax. Just one huge piece of advice.. make sure he knows that he’s expected to clean up afterwards and will not be leaving platters of whatever in the kitchen sink. If you ask nicely, he won’t mind.

Lastly, this post is not intended to be bias in any way. We know many women are fabulous grillers and enjoy the ritual as much as men. We love GrillGirl, as just one example. But, we know many men who derive great pleasure and pride from grilling, and may not participate in the cooking at other times.

With all the challenges we’ve had in the last two years, we expect the grilling season for 2022 to be epic… so go out there an enjoy the ritual!  Just make him clean up his mess afterwards.

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