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Over the last decade, Akaushi beef (or also known as red Wagyu) has quickly emerged as the premium luxury beef brand across the world. Click Akaushi Beef sets the standard for the highest quality in Akaushi beef. We are based out of Llano, Texas and ship nationwide. We are always happy to talk beef and welcome your questions and inquiries about Akaushi or Wagyu beef.


Akaushi is a Japanese breed of cattle, a full blood descendant originating from the Emperor’s herd in Kumamoto, Japan. Akaushi are also known as Red Wagyu or Japanese Brown cattle. The beef produced is richly marbled and is increasing in popularity around the U.S. for its tenderness and flavor.


Akaushi cattle are genetically made to produce intense marbling - those tiny little white flecks you find inside a steak. Except in Akaushi, or Wagyu, those flecks aren't so tiny. They're literally intense.

That marbling in Akaushi beef results in creating the Akaushi signature experience of a rich, buttery flavor with juiciness and tenderness throughout.

We never feed our cattle growth hormones. Since this premium Akaushi beef is put on the table of our families, ranch hands and friends every day, we are opposed to any use of growth hormones.

The health of our animals and customers is our top priority, as we believe we have a moral obligation to provide our animals the best possible care. We would never administer antibiotics as a preventative measure in their feeding program.


Our cattle are considered "source verified." We keep records on all of our cattle. We know the ranches where they were raised. Happy cattle produce better beef. It's that simple. And as caretakers of the land and cattle, our job is to provide the most humane, safest, most wholesome premium beef product.

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Click Akaushi Beef brings the premium Akaushi / Wagyu beef from our cold storage facility to your doorstep - no matter where you live in the USA. We offer affordable, convenient shipping options to make it easy to taste the Akaushi difference. The best beef you’ll ever taste is only a few clicks away.

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