Why is Akaushi beef so popular?

Akaushi beef is one of the fastest growing beef breeds, and here’s why:
High epicurean demand for the marbling of Akaushi has led to its growing popularity.
Akaushi beef inspires praise for trumping other breeds in marbling capacity and health benefits, while the breed itself displays competitive traits such as feed efficiency and calving ease.

Over the past century, Akaushi cattle were fondly considered Japan’s “national treasure.” Their genetics were strictly guarded and unshared with the international cattle market.

In what was “a monumental effort during a short window in trading regulations,” eight U.S.-bound Akaushi cows and three bulls were shipped out in 1994.

The American Akaushi Association formed goals to protect the fullblood genetics while setting beef production goals. Akaushi produce an abundance of oleic acid in their tissue as a survival mechanism, which the Japanese studied.

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